Two Must-See Places in London


A tour around what is called the ‘home of cricket’, Lords Cricket Ground, gives amazing insight into the game’s almost legendary headquarters. This is also where the Marylebone Cricket Club, the MCC, and the England Cricket Board are based.

Each tour, following an expert guide, takes ninety minutes and begins in the MCC Museum. You then process through the famous Pavilion to the well-known Long Room, which boasts panoramic views of the famous pitch and many portraits of the game’s most-distinguished players. The Honours Boards in the dressing rooms reveals the most historic batting and bowling that has taken place here over the years.

The tour also covers the Tennis Court, the Cricket School and many of this famous ground’s outstanding features: including the Grandstand, the new Mound Stand and the famous and controversial, yet futuristic, Media Centre (which is one of the “The Fifty Best Buildings in Britain”). You also have the chance to enjoy shopping for exclusive souvenirs at the shop, where the tour finishes.

You can book your visit on the day or well in advance, and specialist individual tours are also possible: for example, educational tours can always be tailored to meet the needs of school curricula, or architectural tours can be designed to concentrate on the buildings.

The MCC Museum, which is the starting point of the tour, is the world’s oldest museum devoted to sport! Here you will find a marvellous range of exhibits, not least the world-famous Ashes urn. There are sports kits used by the most famous players of the club, including Victor Trumper, Don Bradman, Jack Hobbs, and even Shane Warne.

Many of the exhibits are as old as the 19th Century: you can g2gbet enjoy the sight of old photographs and other cricketing memorabilia in the museum, where you will also find the Brian Johnston Memorial Theatre, a venue which plays some of the greatest moments in the history of the sport.

Special exhibitions are also on offer form time to time. The tours proceed daily at 10.00, 12.00 and 14.00 (although they do not go on match days and around the time of major fixtures). Only the early tour goes into the Pavilion. Marylebone Cricket Club, based at the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground, can be found in St John’s Wood, NW8 8QN Phone: 020 7616 8595