Pros and cons of living on a high floor vs low floors in Dubai

Dubai is home to many of the world’s tallest residential buildings, such as Port De La Mer Dubai and Emaar Beachfront. While choosing a home in Dubai, buyers take into account various factors.  One of which can often be the category of the floor in which the unit is situated. Both the upper and lower floors of the building have their benefits and drawbacks. This means that prospective renters will always find themselves in a ‘go high or go low’ condition. How do you decide which floor is better tailored to your particular needs? This blog discusses the two options in order to give you a clearer viewpoint on the choices.

Advantages of living on an upper floor

Private and peaceful

If you’re someone who wants a quiet environment at home, the apartments on the upper floor could better suit you. Traffic noise and voices from the central hallways don’t penetrate upper floors, making space noise-free.

Incredible views

One of the benefits of living on the upper floors of the building is the breathtaking view. Dubai is renowned for its stunning skyline.  If your apartment is on the upper floor, you will be able to enjoy the eye candy all the time.

Better ventilation

Top floors provide greater exposure to natural sunshine and improved air circulation relative to the lower floors of the apartment building. Only take the curtains aside anytime you need more light in your living room during the day.

Lesser dust

Depending on the region in which you are living, the lack of dust is one of the compelling points in favour of the upper floors. Because it needs significantly more kinetic energy for the dust particles to fly all the way to the 50th floor, higher floors may be a safer option for those with dust allergies.

Disadvantages of living on an upper floor

Emergency Evacuations

Exiting a building from a high floor will be complicated if the elevators stop operating during an emergency. In such cases, tenants would have to use the emergency stairs, which can be time-consuming and tiring, mainly if your apartment is very high up in the house.

Electricity bill

Upper floors in buildings have higher temperatures during the day due to direct sunshine penetration. This will lead to greater use of air conditioners and as a result, higher energy bills.

Dependence on elevator

This can be a concern at busy hours of the day when many people are waiting to access the elevators, possibly forcing high-floor tenants to have to wait in line.

Advantages of living on a lower floor


Some apartment complexes keep rents down for lower-floor units because they lack the scenic views that most residents want. Lower floor residents also frequently experience significantly lower air conditioning costs. This is because lesser units are needed due to natural sunshine during the humid summer months. This possible savings is undeniably a significant consideration in the high-floor and low-floor controversy.

Easy process

It is not much fun to have to carry your earthly possessions to the 31st floor of a skyscraper! It is of great importance that people are likely to find lower floors more desirable, as they have for more convenient entry.

Disadvantages of living on a lower floor


Lower floors are also vulnerable to traffic from the road and nearby areas. This form of housing may not be a suitable choice for those who want a peaceful living space.

Infestation problem

Residents living on the lower floors of a building can have to cope with insect or rodent problems. However, these issues can be overcome by regular deep cleaning procedures and/or technical help.

This is the complete analysis of the pros and cons of living on the high floor and the low floor. Don’t forget, several other considerations can affect your decision when you rent a home in Dubai.

There is no right or wrong answer to the debate on floors. Therefore, if you do not want to live in either of these, then it is recommended to get District One Villas Dubai. This will let you live the way you desire and feel comfortable.